Treat yourself this Easter long weekend OR impress your guests if you are hosting family and friends for the weekend and make an Easter cocktail!

We’ve found an Easter cocktail recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to make and satisfies those chocolate cravings.

Mini Egg Martini 

Serves 1 | Takes 10 minutes


25g Cadbury’s mini eggs (or another brand that you love)

1 teaspoon of honey

25ml Creme De Cacao (alternatives are Kahlua or Mozart Chocolate Spirit)

25ml Baileys

50ml Vodka



Crush the Mini Eggs then tip them onto a small plate

Brush the honey onto the rim of a martini glass, then dip the glass into the crushed Mini Eggs (you want them to stick to the rim)

Put the martini glass into the fridge (so the chocolate & honey set) until later

Measure and pour the creme de cacao (or your alternative), Baileys and vodka into a cocktail shaker, add some ice, pop on the lid and shake until the outside of the shaker feels really cold

Grab the martini glass out of the fridge, strain and pour it into the glass and serve

Easter Cocktail