This year’s theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) is #BreakTheBias. The theme aims to have a gender-equal world where we can all recognize and address inequalities. Here at Q Events, we are advocates about enforcing and guaranteeing that within the workplace we are free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. This is recognized by having nearly all women in leadership roles and a large group of upcoming female talent working behind the scenes.

To mark this IWD we brought together a few of the women behind Q Events and spoke to them about what it means to be a woman in the workplace, who inspires them and how the company culture at Q Events allows them to succeed in their role.

Allow us to introduce you first…

Meet the team

Michelle our incredible Event Manager – Sales & Planning! Michelle has been with Q for nearly 9 months! 

Amy our wonderful Event Manager – Sales & Planning! Amy has been with Q for nearly 7 months! 



If you could pick any woman in history to join us at the table for this conversation, who would it be? (who inspires you?)

Michelle: “Jacinta Arden, what an absolute QUEEN that woman is. She is such a respected leader because of her transparent and authentic leadership”

 Amy: “Kimmy K aka Kim Kardashian – what a powerhouse, what can’t she do really?!”

What resources and relationships are important for you in the office? For you to succeed

Michelle: “A collaborative and honest environment. Roundtable, open discussions are super important to ensure everyone’s opinions are valued. Also, I am the queen of sticky notes – Keeps me organized and switched on”

 Amy: “Weekly debriefs at the end of the week to ensure you start the new week fresh and any problems resolved. I am a people person, so it’s nice to be in an office where you can have open conversations together.” 

What are your passions outside of work?

Michelle: “Huge gym fanatic, I am one of those annoying people that can’t sit still for extended periods. I always need to be up and moving and doing something active. I also have an unhealthy obsession with my dog so if I’m not at the gym, I’m probably trying to take pictures of her”

 Amy: “Exploring new bars and restaurants in Melbourne, spending time with family and travelling to visit our family in Sydney, Adelaide, Queensland and Country Victoria.” 

What is it like to work with a team of nearly all women?

Michelle: “We are all really strong women! We generally are on the same page most of the time! It also helps that we have a supportive work dynamic.”

Amy: “Love it – girl power!”

A quote that you live by or love?

Michelle: “Spending money on your health and wellbeing isn’t spending money, it’s investing it”


We also chatted to our General Manager Phillip Williams and asked him a few questions about gender equality, diversity within the workplace and what women inspire him. 


During your time at Q Events, what is your impression of how we stack up on gender equality? 

Phillip: “I am extremely proud to have an all-female leadership team, they are the heart and soul of this unique business. Angela Murphy – Head of Sales, Lana Cargill – Executive Chef, Kathryn Mayall – Head of Marketing & Sarah Risdale – Operations (currently on Maternity leave)”

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important? 

Phillip: “Diversity has always been important to me, I have lived and worked in 3 countries and I see value in a diverse workplace. I think everyone should have the opportunity to do any job they are passionate about. Diversity and inclusion is paramount to every workplace to inspire us and help us grow” 

What women inspire you and why?

Phillip: “Apart from my Mother, Wife and Sister who are strong-minded individuals and have provided me with advice and guidance over the years. Angela Merkel, Jacinta Ardern, Delia Smith, Tomasina Miers, Margret Fulton, a real inspirations to me as they are pioneers and leaders in their own way. In my career, Kathy Savill always provided perspective and a different viewpoint to a situation and provided great balance.” 


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