“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Are you prepared for the financial year ahead? Now you can be by booking your calendar of events with us.



There are so many benefits of booking in your calendar events with us.

Spend & Save

Receive 5% off and a complimentary cocktail on arrival on your 2nd event and receive 10% off and a complimentary 30-minute post-event cocktail hour on your 3rd event.

The opportunity to utilise two different venues

Looking for a change of scenery for one of your events? We have two amazing venues that are completely different styles and can host an array of corporate events. Choose from us – Q Events or our sister venue Metropolis Events which allows you to have different looks and feels for your event.

The simplicity of dealing with one team throughout the year

We have the same team across both venues so you only deal with one team throughout the entire planning process. This means there will always be a friendly face during the planning process.

An easier commute for guests

Both Q Events and our sister venue Metropolis Events are in the city centre. They are conventionally located close to public transport, parking facilities and neighbouring accommodation.


All events must be booked within the same financial year.

Minimum of 100 guests.

Only applicable to new bookings.