2 weeks ago we hosted the 2022 Top Model Australia National Finals, which saw Q Events be transformed right in front of our eyes, from having a runway stage installed to half of Q transformed into a backstage area for outfit changes and runway walk-throughs, it was incredible that we got to create this event alongside Top Model Australia.

This event saw a plethora of models take to the runway to compete for the title of Top Model Australia 2022, which meant showing that they could work as a model in the International market by displaying they are adaptable, photogenic and can display various expressions whilst walking. If you haven’t already head to our recap of the Top Model Australia Final to discover all the behind-the-scenes and who was crowned Top Model Australia, you can read it here (link blog)

The Final was an exclusive, entire venue event, meaning that they occupied every room throughout Q Events for the weekend of the Finals. For any event that is being held at Q, getting the floorplan right is a crucial part for the client and for a significant event like Top Model it was no different. Especially trying to figure out and plan for multiple rooms (with multiple uses) within the event and adding a runway into the mix.

So, we thought we would give you an insight into the making of Top Model Australia, starting with the floorplan.

There were a few requirements for the event that the client needed for the floorplan which was:

  • A backstage area that contestants could use as a green room to rehearse and prepare for their runway event
  • Multiple change rooms for different genders and age groups
  • A green room for the Judges
  • A welcome area for all guests
  • A welcome area for all VIPs and Judges (separate from guests)

On top of those requirements, there was the main event space to factor in which included the runway, the judges’ table, VIP seats and tables for all guests.

Factoring in all of the requirements for the Top Model Australia event, here is the overview of the final floorplan that we presented to the client for the event.



So, let’s break down the floorplan and how we made sure we met all of the requirements for the event.

Requirement 1: A backstage area that contestants could use as a green room to rehearse and prepare for their runway event

We sectioned off room 2 with our operable walls for the backstage/greenroom area (change room 4 on the floorplan). Room 2 was situated to the right of the stage and allowed the most accessible route to the stage for all contestants.


Requirement 2: Multiple change rooms for different genders and age groups

Utilising the bottom half of room 2, this was turned into 3 changing rooms, one being purely for the Top Model Junior contestants. All 3 rooms were segregated by our operable walls to ensure they were completely private.


Requirement 3: A green room for the Judges

Utilising our bridal suite, this was turned into the judging greenroom. Our bridal suite is equipped with a bathroom, shower and couches that allowed the judges to get ready, refresh and deliberate in a private space as it has its own entrance and exit separate from the changing rooms.


Requirement 4: A welcome area for all guests

Our grand foyer was used as the welcome area for all guests. The grand foyer was set with Top Model Australia media banners allowing for photo and video opportunities, our staff were also there to guide guests to their seats.


Requirement 5: A welcome area for all VIPs and Judges (separate from guests)

We utilised The Valiant Bar which is located within Q Events and is Melbourne’s newest cocktail bar. The Valiant Bar has a private entrance that is separate from Q Events which allowed for all VIPs and Judges to arrive and be greeted with champagne.

The Valiant Bar allowed the VIPs and Judges to easily transition through to the Top Model event, simply by entering through a sliding door.



The Main Event: The Top Model Australia Final was held in Room 1 – which is the main room within Q Events. The floorplan for the main room needed to factor in a few things, the biggest one being the positioning of the runway.


The room was set with 27 tables in a cabaret style, the runway front and centre in the middle of the room with the judge’s table directly at the end of the runway and the VIPs’ seats on either side of the runway. There were also 2 projector screens on either side of the runway and one just as you entered the room through the foyer to ensure that no matter where you were sat you could always see the models up close.

There is so much work and strategic planning that goes into creating the floor plan for an event. Our planners spend many hours and make various versions of the floorplan to ensure we can always meet all the client’s needs for their event.