There are so many amazing locations in Melbourne that are perfect for your wedding photos, which makes the selection process that much harder. So, how do you narrow it down to just those few locations that are near your ceremony & reception venue/s? To ensure that you aren’t driving here, there and everywhere across Melbourne.

We have put together a list of the top 8 wedding photo locations at and near Q Events. Outlining how long each location takes to get to and from our venue and the types of photos you can capture at each location.

So let us introduce you to the top 8 wedding photo locations that we know will steal your heart.

Q Bridal Suite

The Q Events bridal suite is a beautiful bright and perfectly light oasis, with a pink and blue accent wall. The aesthetic of our bridal suite, allows for stunning photos and there are endless photo opportunities in the bridal suite;

  • Getting ready shots of you and your bridal party
  • The finer details of your dress, shoes, jewellery and makeup
  • Candid moments with your bridal party; sipping champagne and talking

This space is all about you!

Parliament House

Parliament House might be the best-known landmark in Melbourne. With a warm-toned stunning façade featuring tall columns, hand-carved sculptures and a grand stone staircase, Parliament House is one of the most elegant wedding photo locations. There are infinite photo opportunities here but the two that our brides love are portraits on the balconies and the grand staircase. This location has it all from solo portraits to finer details to whole bridal party portraits that capture those candid moments of love and laughter.

Parliament House is a 7-minute drive and a 19-minute walk to and from Q Events. However, if your ceremony is at St Patrick’s Cathedral it is a 4-minute walk & drive from the Cathedral to Parliament House.

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens is the perfect location for whimsical fairy-tale wedding portraits. Everywhere you look are stunning floral backdrops, which allows you to incorporate a mixture of colours into your photos. If your wedding is in the cooler months of the year, the gardens treat you to the changing of the seasons featuring the fluttering of orange and red leaves.

Fitzroy Gardens is an ideal place to capture your couple’s portraits, what is more, romantic than walking hand in hand through beautiful gardens. It also gives you some alone time (which is rare on your wedding day) to spend time as newlyweds. Head to the Conservatory for a beautiful floral backdrop.

The Fitzroy Gardens are a 9-minute drive and a 22-minute walk from and to Q Events.

RMIT Design Hub

For a contemporary, modern bride or groom, this location is so exquisite and unique we aren’t exactly sure how to describe it and do it justice…so let us show you photos instead. They always say that photos say a thousand words.

They are so many photo opportunities here…but the one shot you have to get is from afar, with you making your way to the top of the stairs and your partner standing at the top waiting for you.

To let you in on a little secret, if you have chosen a dress with a dramatic long train, your photos here will be breathtaking.

The Valiant Bar Terrace

You’ll fall in love with the aesthetics of the Valiant Bar terrace which is located within Q Events. Similar to Q Events bridal suite, the Valiant has a stunning pink and blue feature wall complemented with velvet furniture.

Sneak away during your reception, to the Valiant Bar terrace to capture some portraits of just the two of you. Not only do you get to have some much needed alone time as newlyweds, but The Valiant Bar serves the most exciting and delicious cocktails. Allowing you to sit down, relax and enjoy your drink whilst looking out onto one of the best street views in Melbourne. You can even request a custom cocktail to be served (maybe the drink you had on your first date or a combination of two drinks you both love) and incorporate it within your photos that will allow you to tell a story when sharing with friends and family.

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is a 6-minute drive and a 13-minute walk from and to Q Events. For unexpected and artistic wedding photos head to Hosier Lane, where the backdrop will be different everywhere you look. The lanes are filled with graffiti, and art and feature vibrant colours. It’s good to note that Hosier Lane is such a popular tourist attraction that it may be difficult to not capture members of the public in the background. With that saying Hosier Lane is the most unique place to capture your entire bridal party pictures, so keep your group poses exciting (groomsmen holding the bride, bridesmaids holding the groom etc.)

Old Treasury Building

The Old Treasury Building is a 7-minute drive and an 18-minute walk from and to Q Events. Although the building has a very similar look to Parliament House with tall columns and a grand stone staircase, the tiles of the building are sepia-toned in unique patterns that give your photos a very unique look. The best photo locations at this building are:

  • In front of the old-fashioned tall brown doorways, capture your bridal portraits here
  • Descend the stone staircase with your partner at your side

Pictures at the Old Treasury Building will allow you to capture photos that exude elegance

Flinders Street Station

Nothing encapsulates Melbourne like Flinders Street Station. It is one of the most iconic landmarks not to mention the building is utterly stunning, featuring a yellow façade and a green copper dome. Photo opportunities at Flinders Street are endless:

  • Descend the stairs at the front of the station with your partner
  • Capture those intimate hand in hand walking shots as you cross the road with the station in the background
  • Stand on the corner of Flinders Street & St Kilda Road to far away portraits with the whole station & trams in view


Hopefully, by providing you with our top 8 wedding photo locations at and near Q Events, it has made your decision of picking those perfect few locations for your wedding day that much easier.


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