Welcome to the corporate world! 

Where there are so many events that your company can host. Before you get the ball rolling and start organizing your next company event, it’s important to know what type of event you could be hosting, as there are endless opportunities. If you are new to the corporate world, then this is a great introduction to the different types of events you may be attending or planning to organise shortly. 

Let us introduce the 7 most common events held, what they are and why they are held.

Conference Events

There are two different types of conferences;

  1. The attendees are from the same company as you 
  2. The attendees are from the same industry as you (if you work for a technology company then other technology companies will be in attendance) 

A conference is held to discuss new or relevant information, trends and opportunities within your company or the industry you work in. It is also a great way for your company to allow its employees to network and provide them with educational opportunities. 

Conferences can span from a single day or sprawl over multiple days and can include the following;

  • Keynote speakers by industry experts or senior members of your company 
  • Q&A sessions
  • Morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea (or all depending on how long the conference is)
  • Presentations 
  • Breakout sessions (further or specialised learning)
Types of Corporate Events

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

The events industry has changed drastically since the P-word….(pandemic). So a virtual or hybrid event may be the sort of event your company is looking for…but what is it? And how does it work? 

Virtual Event:

A virtual event means that everyone who was invited attends through an online platform, whether that be Zoom, Skype or another video-conferencing application. 

Some reasons that a company may host a virtual event are:

  • If they cannot host an onsite event 
  • Your company has a low budget 
  • Or the reason for the event does not require people to attend in person as the information can be shared effectively through video

The types of virtual events that can be held effectively are:

  • Team Meetings
  • Onboarding 
  • Training sessions 
  • Webinars 
  • Panels 
  • Presentations 
  • Online conferences or seminars (join with a link and listen to industry experts speak)
Types of Corporate Events

Hybrid Event:

A hybrid event combines an in-person event with a virtual event. In simple terms; an event can be happening in person but people can still attend the event virtually through a video conferencing platform. 

There are two different types of hybrid events: 


  • Sales kickoffs (an annual meeting for your sales team, managers and leaders) 
  • Large team meetings
  • Product Launch

The list is endless for internal hybrid events.


  • Conferences 
  • Tradeshows
  • Sporting event 
  • Product Launch 

A hybrid event allows for attendees who may not necessarily have the ability to travel for the event, don’t have the budget or cannot attend on the day to still attend virtually or watch the recording (if your company decides to record and upload the event) at a later date.

Types of Corporate Events

Social Celebrations

Corporate Dinners: 

A corporate dinner may be held for many reasons;

  • Introduce new employees to the rest of the team outside of the office 
  • Host clients or potential clients to update them on business 
  • To celebrate company or employee achievements/milestones

Generally, a corporate dinner involves welcome drinks, a two or three-course meal, a celebration/update (whatever reason your company is hosting the dinner) and finishes with a thank you speech. However, the event can be completely tailored to suit event objectives and meet the needs of the company.

Types of Corporate Events


A Gala dinner (not to get confused with a corporate dinner) is held as a celebration and is a black-tie event. Here are some of the reasons why your company may be celebrating; 

  • Celebrating company milestones 
  • Celebrating the achievements of the company and their employees
  • Network with people in a similar industry (your accounting company may invite other people from accounting firms)
  • Charity Dinners (fundraisers, etc)

Typically a gala dinner involves welcome drinks, a three or four-course dinner, entertainment (a band, fireworks, silk performance), expert speakers, speeches made by the CEO or senior members of the company and after drinks (cocktails or champagne).

Types of Corporate Events

Cocktail Parties: 

A cocktail party can be either hosted during the day or night depending on the reason behind the cocktail party and the vibe you want your event to have.

There are a few reasons why your company may hold a cocktail party; 

  • Networking purposes (existing clients, potential clients, partners and employees)
  • A product launch or announcement 
  • Following off from a conference your company has attended the day before 

Typically a cocktail party involves welcome drinks, roving canapes, entertainment, expert speakers, speeches, more entertainment, dancing and after drinks.

Types of Corporate Events

Breakfast Events

A breakfast meeting is typically hosted either before work hours 7 am-9 am or at the start of the workday 9 am-11 am. 

It is the same structure as a regular business meeting except you and your guests enjoy a chef-prepared breakfast with various accompaniments. 

The different types of meetings that can happen over breakfast are;

  • Brainstorming meetings
  • Quarterly planning meetings
  • Check-in meetings
  • Workshops
  • Training sessions 
  • Department meetings (sales team, marketing team etc)
  • New team member introductions 
  • New/current client meetings
  • Team building activities

Breakfast Meeting

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Exhibition Events

An exhibition event is similar to a showcase event. Your company highlights and shows off either a range of products or maybe offers your attendees a viewing of how your services work, allowing you to introduce your business to prospective clients. 

There are two types of exhibition events;

Trade Exhibitions

  • Only people from the same industry are invited to attend the event
  • The event is designed to showcase a product or service that will benefit that industry

Consumer Exhibitions

  • An open invitation to the public to attend the event
  • They usually involve a range of products from different industries on display
  • Or the exhibit revolves around a particular service
Exhibition Event

Awards Nights

An awards night is hosted to recognise the achievements of either your company or its employees (or both) and celebrates these achievements. 

The night typically involves an award ceremony where recipients receive an award of some sort (a certificate, trophy or SWAG). An awards night is a company only event but extends invitations to suppliers and stakeholders to join them in the celebration. 

This night can be hosted as a cocktail event, gala dinner or corporate dinner.

Awards night

Product Launches

Launching a new product or service is a massive deal for a company and should be celebrated. A launch aims to educate employees, stakeholders, clients and media about your company’s recent new addition. It may also be used to generate sales for the new product/service. 

A product launch has no boundaries as to what the event could look like. From a gala dinner style to a cocktail event style to something completely original that represents and embodies your company completely. 

Just as a guide, a product launch is typically a cocktail style event with roving canapes and finger food and drinks served throughout the night. There are speeches regarding the new product or service and there is some form of entertainment.

Product Launch


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