Planning and selecting your wedding styling is a journey in itself! With so many different styles and themes, it’s easy to get lost and try and mirror a style that’s on-trend.

It’s important to take a step back, and remember that it’s your wedding day and you should try and incorporate decor and styling and anything else, that represents your personality and introduces you and your partner as a couple to your guests.

We have a few ideas that may spark your inner wedding planner to help you plan a wedding that truly represents you!



A lounge area

Create a longue area at your wedding reception. This is a perfect place where your guests can relax and socialise in between dancing on the dancefloor.

Depending on the vibe of your wedding opt for;

  • Velvet loveseats and ottomans in your chosen wedding colours
  • Mismatched chairs and couches in different patterns
  • Rattan chairs with cute cushions


Looking for reception seating that is a bit different to all the weddings you’ve seen on Pinterest?

  • Ghost chairs
  • Floor cushions
  • Ottoman seating
  • Barstools (perfect for a cocktail wedding)
  • Peacock chairs (a great statement chair for your bridal table)

Food & Beverages

Food stations

A food station at your wedding is truly the best way to personalise your wedding! Here are some of our favourites;

  • Live pasta bar – our chef makes the pasta dish in front of you and your guests
  • Sushi table
  • Taco table
  • Oyster bar/ Raw bar
  • Cheese platters or a fromagerie table

The list is endless!

Custom Cocktails

What better way to add a personal touch to your reception than serve your guests a custom cocktail.

Not sure how to tailor the cocktail to represent you both as a couple? Here are some ideas;

  • A drink you and your partner shared on your first date
  • Elements of each other’s favourite cocktails

Name the cocktail after you and your partner (married name e.g. The Smiths or a couple hashtag or maybe a pet name you have for each other).

To go that extra mile…..serve them in glasses that represent your style (vintage mismatched glasses for example)


Choreographed dances

Want to take your wedding entertainment one step further? Choreograph a dance routine with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, partner, or even your family. Whoever you decide to do your dance routine with, select your favourite song together! This will show your guests your personality and your dance skills!


Make a playlist of your and your partner’s favourite songs that your band or DJ can play throughout the night.

If you have a couple song (a song that represents the both of you – maybe it played on your first date or you both love it or it always randomly plays when you go out for dinner). Make sure this is at the top of your list! Use it as your entrance or first dance song.



Nothing makes your wedding truly you by having photos of you and your partner around your reception. Achieve this by;

  • Having a dedicated photo wall
  • A slideshow that plays throughout the night
  • A projected photo on the wall (you could use an engagement photo)
  • A photo decal on the dancefloor (cartoon style)
  • Framed photos on your guest tables
    • You could even use photos of you and your guests and place them on their table!


To tailor the bonbonnieres select items that you would want to receive! This will allow you to introduce items that you love to your guests.

  • Drink favours
    • Give mini bottles of your favourite alcoholic spirits (plus the mini bottles are adorable)
    • Your favourite dessert in a cute box
      • Or a baking jar with all the ingredients and a tag with instructions so your guests can make the dessert


Social Media 

Are you the Instagram friend in your group who makes everyone wait whilst they take multiple photos & videos of the food and drink?

Incorporate social media into your wedding by;

  • Creating your own wedding filter
  • A location check-in
  • A wedding hashtag
    • A wedding hashtag is a great place for all the photos of the night from your guests to live so you can easily access them all and view them after your magical day is over. It will be like reliving the moment.


Ultimately these are just the tip of the iceberg of unique ideas that you can tailor to fit your personality and style. But hopefully, they sparked some inspiration and gave you some ideas to build upon for your magical day! At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you should incorporate as many personal elements as you possibly can if you have an idea but you aren’t sure how you would achieve it. Speak to our dedicated planning team, no idea is too big!


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