Planning a wedding involves a lot of time spent researching and looking for inspiration, anywhere you can find it. If you are searching for trending elements to incorporate at your wedding reception, we have been noting down the emerging trends from weddings so far this year from our brides and featured weddings on social media. You will definitely be seeing more of these trends making an appearance at weddings as the year goes on and for years to come.

Flash Photography

If there is one emerging trend we love, it’s flash photography on the dancefloor during your reception. Requesting your photographer to use flash photography on the dancefloor creates dynamic photos that capture the energy of that exact moment. The photos your photographer captures using flash feel very modern and effortless (who doesn’t love a candid photo moment?).

An Entrance Song

I am sure you are very familiar with the first dance and the pressure applied to select the perfect song that represents you both as a newlywed couple. You may not be familiar with what an entrance song is, it is all explained in the name, a chosen song selected by you, that you and your partner enter your reception into. It is the first time you will be introduced as husband & wife, husband & husband, wife & wife or your chosen title to your guests. Typically this song is more upbeat and fun (something you can dance to).

Save the best wedding entrance songs playlist here.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Wedding Painters

Consider this as the best keepsake from your wedding reception. A painter brings their canvas and art supplies to create a painting in real-time during the reception. By the end of your reception, your painter will have a rough copy of your portrait that you will be able to preview. They will then take it home and add in all the little details and send it back to you in a couple of weeks. The portrait often captures very special and intimate moments that a photo cannot.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents within your wedding styling are becoming more popular now than ever and we don’t see this trend going out of style anytime soon. Including bronze, gold, rose gold or silver accents throughout your wedding décor or even within your accessorizes (shoes or jewellery) gives your wedding and attire a refined, beautiful look and feel. We suggest using these tones sparingly to not overwhelm your attire or décor.


If you are going to be integrating any of these wedding reception trends, we would love to see how you have made them your own, tag us or send us a picture or video. Or if you are still looking for reception inspiration, head to our Instagram @qevents.

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