Are you about to attend a site inspection? Are you prepared to ask all the right questions? Do you know what you should be paying attention to the most during the site inspection?

We spoke to our sales managers and quizzed them to give you an insight into how to optimise your site inspection.

What to ask at a corporate site inspection

What questions should you be asking at your site inspection?

Before your site inspection, our sales managers will reach out and ask you questions about your event so that they can completely tailor your site inspection and proposal to your event. But because every event is customised to meet all of the event’s goals and needs, we do recommend keeping the following questions in your mind to ask.

Any questions about AV are important, we can try our best to answer them from prior events but ultimately we will pass you on to our in-house tech experts, Technical Events.

Good questions to ask are:

  • Do we allow rigging in the venue (rigging is equipment that is often suspended overhead or in a vertical position such as lighting, audio, video screens and custom pieces)
    • How does rigging work?
    • What are the restrictions with rigging? (height, types of rigging)
  • Where should they put the stage for different types of events? (Consider the viewpoint for your guests, are there any obstructions?)
    • How small & large can the stage be?
  • Can I have background music at my event?
  • What are the different types of lighting options at the venue?

We recommend asking very specific questions about the event you want to host (let us know what is important to your event and what elements you need to meet the goals of your event)

  • The different capacities for the venue and if you are having different rooms
  • What are the inclusions in our packages?
    • Ask what is included in the basic AV and what is an additional cost?
  • How do we (the sales manager) envision the space for their event? – What floorplan has worked previously for a similar type of event?
    • What would be the best timing for everything (speakers, food timings etc)
  • Is there going to be another event on the same day?
    • If there is how does bump in and bump out work? (bump in and bump out is the supplier timing of setting up and staging your event)

What is the most important piece of information you need to know?

When viewing our venue, it is a large space that can fit up to 500 people for a sit-down event and up to 800 people for a standing event. You should keep an open mind about the size of the space, as we have various operable walls and curtains that can open up and close the space off depending on the size of your event.

The venue can be completely transformed from what you initially see, into the imagined event that not only meets you and your guest’s expectations but exceeds them.

One last important note from our sales managers

If you have informed us before the site inspection of your event type and style, we can pre-set the room so you can visualise your event with us. We want to ensure we are being as specific as possible to your event (i.e if you want multiple screens around the room, we can bring them down or if you want a smaller breakout room, we can put the operable walls in).

The more information you can give us about your event before the site inspection, the more we can help you visualise your event with Q Events.


Looking for more than just a space to hold your next corporate event? We work will all of our clients to create events that exceed expectations and meet event objectives.