Winter weddings are quickly becoming just as popular as summer/spring for our soon-to-be-wed couples.

Wedding dates are in short supply after the last couple of years so winter dates have certainly grown in popularity, similarly to weekday weddings. But that’s not the only reason they have been becoming a more common choice.

So why should you consider a winter wedding?

You will warm right up to these winter wedding advantages!

The night time

The days may be shorter, but the longer nights sparkle brighter than ever. Our spectacular arch windows let in all the glow from our stunning streetscape leaving the atmosphere just devine.

winter wedding location inspiration


There is just something spectacular about winter nights… pitch-black skies and waves rolling through the heart of Melbourne.

The only thing that should be sparkling on this night should be you…Warming up is easy when you’re dancing in your partners arms. A picture-perfect moment.

Winter Wedding married couple Inspiration


Hosting your special day in winter works in your favour when it comes to selecting your special date. Securing your dream wedding venue and accompanying suppliers is certainly a lot easier!

Not only that, but your guests will have more availability in their own calendars. We know how tedious it can be to pick a date that suits everyone, especially during the summer season. In the event world, winter is often referred to as the “slow season” and who doesn’t want to slow dance their way through that. Life speeds by too quickly anyway

Winter Wedding tablescape Inspiration


Bold beauty is our favourite kind. Deep dark colours, or soft blue hues. You can’t go wrong with your floral selections in winter. Whatever your nature, there’s a colour palette to set that mood. The selection of florals is truly an expression of your own bridal identity.

So, trust us when we say there is no wrong choice.

winter wedding floral inspiration


One of the greatest advantages to winter weddings- is affordability! It can be expensive to host 100+ people at a wedding. Most venues are more affordable in the winter as it is traditionally the off-peak season for weddings, (although that is quickly changing). So rather than taking out a second mortgage, take advantage of a winter special and create your own winter wonderland!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Q events Foyer

Comfortable weather

There is nothing worse than sweltering heat. Makeup running., curls falling out – bridesmaids doing their best to attend to you with touch up kits, what a disaster!

Winter means comfortability!

And did we mention the pictures you can get in this weather?

Grey skies, slow, soft rainfall falling onto your clear umbrellas.

Nothing spells romance like that.

Winter Wedding Inspiration couple under Umbrella


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